The Willow~ a tree of dreaming & enchantment associated with poets and spells of fascination

My Great Great Grandparents are from Gunajuato, Mexico. I'm certain my love for the macabre and color are born from this. At a young age I began an appreciation for creating as an art room weirdo trying my hand at everything from watercolor, printmaking, collage & ceramics. I continued my education in the arts and went on to receive my BFA in Fashion Design & Fine Arts from OTIS College of Art and Design. 

Soon after, my one time hobby of jewelry design became my primary passion.

I'd like to think my designs find the space between surrealism & reality. Existing in two worlds, both bold & delicate, attracting the wearer who has an air of quiet confidence that pride their self worth & is always seeking.

I have studied silversmithing and metal casting and am certified in crystal healing, gemstone therapy and Reiki.

I hand carve each design and cast in various metals in DTLA using the lost wax process.

I reside in Los Angeles and have a rescue mutt, Wilkie, and two red eared slider turtles, Sly & Hillel.

Each design is created and fabricated in Los Angels, Ca.



symmetries found in nature~

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